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Our vision

Food nourishes us, brings us together, connects us to our cultures and is intimately linked to nature. We have a responsibility to preserve and pass on the wisdom of food, to secure the future of the world. 

At foodwize, we work together with the ecosystem of food growers, producers and consumers, in order to help all people build a deeper connection with food and strengthen food growing communities.

We are a pro-future organisation and we believe that when we are wise about food, we are wise about the world. 

Why this is important

Food matters, it is everything. 

It is a basis for life and yet, it is still not accessible to millions. It is integral to heritage and to our diverse cultures but, it is becoming homogenised. Food is an expression of love but, it is increasingly treated as a mere convenience. It is grown by rural farmers and small producers but, food consumption and income is growing disproportionately in urban places. Food is interdependent with biodiversity and climate so, an accelerating climate crisis will pose a risk to food. Food waste is a growing concern and it is rapidly becoming a large contributor to climate change, even as food remains scarce for many. 

Food has a central place in each of our lives. Hence, we have a responsibility to rediscover and deepen our relationship with food, make conscious choices and support the people and the organisations which are positively influencing the future of food.