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  • With its universal and profound importance, food is an unique lens through which all dimensions of a truly sustainable world can be understood and influenced

  • Organisations across the food ecosystem- growers, producers, distributors, service providers, investors and educators can play a pivotal role

  • Consumers also have a significant responsibility to make choices that are good for their health and the health of the planet

  • foodwize is working at this interesection, to build new mindsets and capabilities. We equip organisations and individuals to  build sustainable food practices

Capacity Development


We strengthen organisations which work in the food ecosystem

We work with organisations to baseline  practices, reframe the ambition, develop clear integrated plans to achieve the ambition

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Food Aptitude

We have Consumer Experience Labs, to help retail and institutional consumers understand the relationship between food and sustainability and build perspectives that are important for the future

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We regularly host Pop-Ups with a Purposea learning and dining series for urban consumers to share and exchange the wisdom of food

Food Leadership for the future

Our Talent Transformation Labs build leadership and talent for a resilient food system, thinking and working at the convergence of traditional food wisdom, and  modern techniques.

  • STHIRA - Sustainable Food Innovation Challenge 2024 for university students in India
  • Future of Food Fellowship, February 2025 -a transformative journey for experienced food professionals who want to have a positive influence on the future of food

Keepers of food wisdom

We develop grassroots organisations which are keeping the wisdom of food alive, with their intuitive and generational knowledge of biodiversity, ingredients and recipes. 

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