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Pop-Ups with a Purpose

Our Pop-Ups with a Purpose are learning and dining experiences to spread the wisdom of food and build a community of like minded gastronomes. 

Our Pop-Ups are 2 hour long  curated dining experiences, each designed for participants to learn about an important aspect of food. 

This experience is for everyone - individuals, families, groups of friends and teams. who want to unlock the power of food wisdom over a good meal.

food and the senses

Food is one of our riches multi-modal sensory experiences, and when we are alive to our senses, we make the most of every bite.

food and provenance

Every food has a story of origin, of place, of growers and cultures. When we know where are food comes from, we can make better choices.

savour the seasons

We experience nature through different seasons. So when we eat in tune with the season, we are in tune with nature.

food and climate

Climate change is steadily affecting our favourite foods. We must think about how our consumption needs to change, so we can preserve food and livelihoods.

food wisdom

More than 70% of all food produced globally is destined for urban consumption. Build your food wisdom to have a positive influence on the future of food.

Pop-Up with a Purpose Photo Gallery

The Food
The People
Seasonal ingredients
Freshly made
Carefully curated
Satisfyingly sweet
The Chef
The Community
Moments of wisdom
The Food
The People
Story of the food
Inspired Team
Learning over food