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What can you expect?

Apply your skills to some of the most pressing challenges affecting sustainability of food,  be part of India's first innovation event for food and sustainability, interact with Indian and international experts in food, agriculture and sustainability,  be recognised for your cool and creative solutions!

foodwize in collaboration with University of Gastronomic Sciences (UNISG), is hosting STHIRA, India's first 'Sustainable Food Innovation Challenge' for university students across India

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​About the challenge
The Sustainable Food Innovation Challenge 2024 is for university students in India, who care about the future of food and  the planet. It aims to  discover new ideas and solutions to the most pressing challenges affecting the security and sustainability of food systems and inspire future professionals by engaging them in a new, and thought provoking exercise. There are 4 themes for the challenge and participants can chose to work on any one of them.

1. Improve soil health to improve quality of food and  biodiversity

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2. Stronger supply chains for small growers and producers of chemical free food

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3. In light of climate change, new food education for  food professionals

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4. Future of sustainable packaging for food and agriculture produce

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Timelines for the innovation challenge

Idea Submission
​Final Submission Date: 26 July 2024

Submit your innovative idea to solve a challenge across any one of the 4 themes. There is no eligibility criteria to apply. All university students are welcome to participate

Form a team of 2-3 people and submit your idea in the given template. Your idea will be evaluated by an experienced jury.  All participants will receive a certificate of participation.   Participating students who have an interest in continuing their education at UNISG can benefit from a 15% discount on the fee, by providing at the time of application the certificate of participation!

Join the challenge

​​30 & 31 August  2024

Semi-finalist teams will present their innovative solutions and ideas in a virtual presentation, to a jury. The jury will be theme based and will include food, agriculture, supply chain, packaging and sustainability experts from academia and industry, from India and abroad. All semi-finalists will receive a certificate of appreciation and free access to all  courses on UNISG+, an online platform for the gastronome community!


Grand Finale
​​5 October  2024

Finalist teams will be invited to Bangalore, to present their innovative solutions and ideas to a jury, followed by a networking event. The jury will include food, agriculture, sustainability experts from academia and industry, from India and abroad. Winning teams will receive a trophy and cash prizes . All finalists will receive a certificate of appreciation and a trophy.